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The Good Guy Group Moves to Springboro, Ohio

We're excited to announce our NEW OFFICE in Historic Springboro! Many of you will recognize this historic building located at 550 South Main Street in Springboro, Ohio (Go Panthers!!)

The Good Guy Group with Glasshouse Realty Group will be operating here, so please feel free to stop in and say hi!

For the Dayton/Cincinnati agents on the team, this seemed like the perfect next step. We’ve been so involved in the community over the past few years, donating over tens of thousands of dollars to local events, sports teams, charities, and organizations. So, we wanted to have a location in the heart of Springboro.

We are excited for the events still to come this year.

Special thanks to Evan Kloth and Mo Zahedi, Founders of the Glasshouse Realty Group, for all of the support!

We want to be your real estate team! Reach out any time! 937-409-4459

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