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The Good Guy Initiative: Interview with Michelle and Andrew Hudock

This month, we have a new Good Guy Initiative winner! Real Estate Agent, Monica Evans, sat down with Michelle & Andrew Hudock to talk about Andrew's random act of kindness. If you know Andrew, it is easy to see he has a giving heart and acts of kindness are kind of his M.O. We love seeing this and we were really excited that he agreed to sit down with us. The hope of bringing these acts to everyone's attention is to inspire and motivate! Andrew definitely inspired us! We discovered this story through a post that Michelle made about a month ago, giving Andrew props for his generosity.

Andrew was in line at a store when he saw a woman and her kids struggling to pay for their groceries. In fact, they were putting some food back. THANKFULLY, Andrew was there and picked up the grocery bill for the struggling woman! Then, after feeling like he wanted to help more, he got an email about a local single mother struggling to pay her rent.. So ANDREW PAID IT!

Good guys - this is what we're talking about! #kindnessmatters

**Special thanks to Katie at The Daydreamer Diaries for creating this video.

With the help of our partners Amanda Musgrove, Sterling Land Title Agency, and Glasshouse Realty Group we were able to bring this story to you and make a $500 donation to CarePortal.

CarePortal creates connections within the Circles of Care around the isolated child. Bringing together the family, church and community to create a holistic, healthy approach to caring for kids. Because EVERY child matters.

If you'd like more info on giving and helping some local families, reach out to any of the Good Guys or visit

Nominate a Community Member

The goal of this initiative is to bring everyday good guys to the spotlight.

Who do you know who is out there making a difference?! We want to hear about them! Submit your nominations to

If you are looking for a trusted real estate agent in the Dayton area contact us at The Good Guy Group!

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